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Performing Songwriter magazine
December 2003 Issue
DIY Record Review by Noel Murray

Myron McGhee
Produced by Myron McGhee and Juana Clem McGhee

Myron McGhee and his wife Juana sideline as directors and spiritual advisors for The Ajalon Group, a not-for-profit organization devoted to promoting healing and renewal through the arts. That spirit of peaceful exploration suffuses Myron's album "between", which presents his James Taylor inspired folk ballads in expansive, jazzy arrangements sweetened by piano and five-string bass. Tracks like "battlefields" and "set me free" stretch toward and beyond the seven minute mark, stringing together visions of personal trials overcome through faith and human companionship. McGhee has an innately appealing sound, a soothing, new-agey backdrop that sets the stage for lightly soulful messages of encouragement. -- NM