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Myron McGhee, Musician
The music of James Taylor was an early guide in my development as a musician. I felt a kinship with his honest introspection and the unpretentious clarity of his voice. His self taught, finger style approach to playing guitar appealed to my own intuitive attraction to the instrument. The vocals of Michael McDonald had a profound influence on me as a teenager. The tonal quality of his voice reached to the depth of my own desire to sing. His vocal collaborations with Steely Dan, the Doobie Brothers and his solo artist compositions emphasize certain vocal arrangements and melodies which still resonate within me, but his use of commonly known phrases, twisted and turned to form deeply philosophical and spiritually inquisitive lyrics convey his true power and source as a composer.

Songwriting has a therapeutic quality as I try to convey the things that I discover both about myself and the moments I encounter. The music of my songs often surfaces quickly, but the lyrics generally require a long gestation. My only magic for writing a song happens by first being open and available to what becomes conscious, and then recording enough of those notions on paper or tape before they return to their unconscious slumber. As well, I'm learning to be more patient and not to force the writing effort, when something isn't there. Most of all I enjoy forming the connection with that particular something inside of a listener that allows them to find even a brief respite from daily life's demands.

"between" CD
Released August 14, 2002
Produced by Myron McGhee and Juana Clem McGhee
Recorded by Mark Coughlin

1. borrowed time
2. battlefields
3. victory
4. like a river to the sea
5. set me free
6. spirit of the living God
7. dancin' in the rain
8. seeking lessons
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Myron McGhee - acoustic guitar, vocals
Cooper Tisdale - electric guitar
Kenny Walker - 5 string bass
Eric Johnson - drums
Joe Reda - upright bass
Chuck Bithorn - percussion
Don Saliers - piano

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Reviews and Responses

"McGhee has an innately appealing sound - a soothing, new-agey backdrop that sets the stage for lightly soulful messages of encouragement." Noel Murray, Performing Songwriter magazine, December 2003
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"Voice of honey and chocolate."
"First class, original, wonderful lasting impression."
"Absolutely stirring."
"Truly uplifting, touching the chords of life."
"Heals, soothes, quiets, eases, telling the real truth of sorrow and hope."
"A refuge, a peaceful feeling of connection and companionship."
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Venues and Performances
(a partial listing)
In Atlanta...
Borders Books and Music
Callanwolde Fine Arts Center
Chamblee Festival
City Hall East (for the National Arts Foundation)
Cokesbury Bookstore
Dave FM 94.9 (Call to Auction, benefiting Habitat for Humanity)
Defoor Center (in connection with Poetry at Tech)
Eddie's Attic
Emory University:
- Jazz Vespers with Dwight Andrews
- September 11 Remembrance Service
- National Black Herstory Conference
- Giving Voice
Hungry Ear Coffeehouse
IF Coffeehouse
Kodac Harrisons' Beatnik Buffet
Lena's Place
Sycamore Tree Coffeehouse
USA Songwriting Competition Showcase
WCLK, featured artist on the air with Music Director, Renee Williams

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